Every tear shed by the persecuted church in Asia is captured by the heart of our loving Heavenly Father. He never forgets their tears, their hurts, their pain, and their sacrifices.

Jesus doesn’t want their brothers and sisters in America to forget, either.

During Compassionate Hope’s recent trip to Thailand, we had the opportunity to visit with many of these dear sisters and hear their stories firsthand.

After delays, re-routes, and unexpected jaunts through Asia, the whole Compassionate Hope Be Their Voice 2014 team is safely in Thailand! Thank you for your prayers for our safe arrivals.

Compassionate Hope works with not only orphans and impoverished children, but another very special people group in our Heavenly Father’s eyes . . . His persecuted church.

This story was shared by Bro. Al during his trip in January to Thailand. You can listen to Bro. Al share in this audio version or read the edited transcript below.

This is Bro. Al from Southeast Asia, in the field, and I wanted to tell this story while it was fresh on my heart, and while I’m walking in the midst of it.

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