After delays, re-routes, and unexpected jaunts through Asia, the whole Compassionate Hope Be Their Voice 2014 team is safely in Thailand! Thank you for your prayers for our safe arrivals.

Compassionate Hope works with not only orphans and impoverished children, but another very special people group in our Heavenly Father’s eyes . . . His persecuted church.



Many men and women are making the ultimate sacrifice for their faith in Thailand and other Asian nations. Several of these believers have said goodbye to their family members, their friends, or even their husbands as martyrs.



The CHF team had the opportunity to worship and pray with many of these dear sisters. Please join us in praying for them and their families.

For security reasons, we cannot disclose their identities or where they live. To show their faces could put their ministries and their lives in danger. But these pictures give you a taste of the passion, love, and sacrifice that they are willing to make for our Lord and His work in Asia.






After reading these stories, we know your interest and heart’s compassion has been (or will be) touched!

To speak with someone personally about how to help or to get more information, please contact us and someone will respond promptly.

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