This story was shared by Bro. Al during his trip in January to Thailand. You can listen to Bro. Al share in this audio version or read the edited transcript below.

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This is Bro. Al from Southeast Asia, in the field, and I wanted to tell this story while it was fresh on my heart, and while I’m walking in the midst of it.

About 15 months ago we connected with a precious, broken-hearted mother.

This is her story.

Several years ago, she was abandoned by her husband, and had no hope and no future, wondering how she could feed her children.

Word came of a potential job in Bangkok, working at a construction site, from a friend of hers. So with a measure of hope, she traveled to Bangkok, and went to work at the construction site. There she was involved in menial tasks, feeding the construction workers and cooking meals, and often daily with a lot of hard work in cleaning up, carrying lumber, picking up, as we would understand the many things that need to be done around a construction site.

But then horrific events began to take place as she was taken captive by one of the supervisors on the construction site, placed at a back place in a room, a darkened room, with her two children, locked in as a slave.
There over the next months, she was trafficked as a sex object to the construction workers and others in that area and region.

It was an unimaginable situation, even with her two girls having to participate and watch this. There was very little food, sometimes beatings and yelling.

One day she was able to find a way of escape, and escaped away and remembered that somewhere in her life she had heard that people at a church were loving and kind. So she found a church building, knocked on the door, literally falling into there and crying out, “Help me, help me.”

She was in danger. Those listening to the story understood they could not keep her there, so because they have a relationship with our national leaders of Compassionate Hope in the North, they called. I happened to be in communication with them and they said, “What should we do? We don’t have a place to minister to her and we don’t have the funds, but how could we say no?” I said “Let’s trust God. Let’s take them in.”

So I began to write some of you and you began to pray with us, and some gave. So this dear precious mother of two children was taken in.

Soon it was found that she was pregnant from the rapes that she had gone through and been a part of, and experienced personally.

At first, she didn’t want to keep the baby. Then she was convinced that she should, but she said, “Well, I’ll have the baby, but give it to someone else.” Those next six months or so were very difficult in ministering to her.
I remember when I first looked into her eyes, that first time, how hollow. Never had I seen such shame, such broken heartedness, and such hopelessness. Several times, our staff talked about how she talked of suicide and did not want to live.

But they kept loving, caring, feeding, praying, and trying to encourage her, trying to give her hope, being the hands and feet of Jesus.

The baby was born about six months ago. When he was born, the intention was that she would give him away. So when they brought the little boy to her, and put him in her arms, they said, “What do you want to do?” Seeing in the moment that there was a bonding, as is normal between any mother and any son, she decided to keep this son, but she would not name him.

As they returned back to the place of care there in Chiang Kham, love continued. Many people were holding the baby and rejoicing, and teams were visiting.

She became more open. Soon she responded to the grace of God and the power of the gospel, and she received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

As she did, she found from within a new hope, a new joy, and a new peace. Someone said, “Well, what will you name your son?” And she chose the Thai word that means “gospel”, the good news. For she said, “It is in my son that through the evil that came against us, this beautiful boy was born. Out of this evil, God has brought His love and goodness, and good news, and salvation to us, so my son shall be called Gospel.”

Now we hold him, the Gospel, and what a picture of God’s redemption, of bringing out of the most horrific and evil and sinfully wicked of all things, goodness and beauty, glory and redemption, and freedom and love.

This story is marvelous, and to now hold her and pray for her, and to hold him and to see the beauty and glory of the power of the gospel is really beyond words, and beyond thought, emotions, and feelings.

A dear, precious brother that was just with us, as he held Gospel and heard the story, began to weep uncontrollably. He said, “Never in my life have I felt, held, and experienced such a reality of the beauty and power of our Savior, gospel, and salvation.”

To each of you that have loved us and loved those we love—the Least of These—and pray, care, and give, thank you for making this story of redemption a possibility and a reality.

Continue to pray with us as we minister to the three hundred young people and children, boys and girls, and orphans each with a unique and different story, but yet just as powerful.

I pray God will bless each of us as we continue this marvelous work through Compassionate Hope.

A Special Message from Compassionate Hope:
Friends, it is only because of people like you who love, care, pray, and give—and especially those who give on a monthly basis—that we were all given the privilege of being part of this amazing redemptive story of Gospel and his family.

We still need your help to continue to support Gospel, his mom, sisters, and hundreds of others just like them.

Perhaps it is because of the post-Christmas season, but our giving for January has been very low.

If you can help us care and feed these 300 + children and families, we are grateful for your help. We would love the security of monthly donors to help us know we can feed and care for these children.

Each one has a similar redemptive story like Gospel to be told. Stories like this of a living, redemptive gospel strengthen our faith. Please consider giving at Thank you for partnering with Compassionate Hope as we continue to serve the least of these around the world.

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